Joe GordOn 

Actor & Stage Manager

Joe joined us early last year taking on part of Ripp in the first installment of the family musical adventure Pirates Rock.

Joe  second show with us was the hard-hitting play the likable guard Mr Hughes in Warnock. 

Joe also has experience in front of the camera having been a student of Acting Up North and has also

featured in several short films.Most recently Joe reprised the role of Ripp Bray in the musical adventure

Pirate's Rock 2 The Souls of the Lost. Joe is now the groups Stage Manager. 

Katie Brown

Actress & Musical Director 

Katie joined us last year to play the part of Pirate Glam in the musical family adventure Pirate's Rock 2 The Souls of the Lost. 

A accomplished actress and singer Katie also plays the guitar and can compose too. 

The next venture with us for Katie will be taking on the role of Anna Belle in the comedy Bow & Arrow; The Outlaws of Sherwood. 
You can find Katie's profile on Star Now. Liverpool and has a her very own YouTube channel. 

Colin Jones

Actor & Video Director


Colin completed his second production with City Theatre playing the baddie Mr Abbott in our hard-hitting play Warnock. 

He also starred in both Pirates Rock musicals, playing the part of of the baddie Pirate Finn Roberts aka Master Finn. 

Colin is also City Entertainment Groups Video Editor and as edited several videos for us over the last year.Colin's next production with us is the Bow & Arrow: The Outlaws of Sherwood and will be taking on the part of Lance 'Glorious' Hood. 

Later this year Colin will be reprising the role of Mr Abbott in the film version Warnock. 

Denise Collins

Actress & Costume Manager


Denise is another one of our new arrivals and as a passion to advocate creativity throughout education. 

Denise recently graduated from The University of Exeter, with a Masters Degree in Education: Creative Arts. 

With a background within the performing arts industry, Denise completed a National Diploma in Acting at The City of Liverpool College, and furthered her studies at Liverpool John Moores University to achieve a Drama Degree. 

Prior to gaining a Masters, Denise worked at PQA Liverpool as an assistant drama teacher and throughout Summer 2018 taught drama and performed on stage at a camp in Maine for 3 months.   

Johnny Sedgwick-Davies 

Performer and Set Builder 

Johnny played the comedy character Dodge in Warnock and played Pirate Cannon in the musical Pirates Rock 1 & 2. 

Johnny joined City Entertainment Group in January last year and hasn't looked back.  

He is certainly very much a team player and is also our props builder. 

Johnny's next production will be the adult comedy Bow & Arrow: The Outlaws of Sherwood playing the male lead Arrow. 

Later this year Johnny will be reprising the role of Dodge in our very first film project Warnock. 

Elle Smith  Actress

Eleanor is a new cast member of City Entertainment Group and is playing the part of Bow Scar in our next show, Bow & Arrow: The Outlaws of Sherwood. 

Eleanor attended LIPA 4:19 Saturday School and is currently studying BA Hons Degree in Musical Theatre at Liverpool Media Academy. As also achieved a triple distinction in BTEC Musical Theatre.

On stage Eleanor brings a wealth of experience having starred in Grease playing Jan, the Sugar Plum Fairy in Shrek The Musical and Tallulah in Bugsy Malone.  


Peter Sebastian 

Actor & Production Manager


Jonathan Ali


Jonathan is a British-Spanish actor from Liverpool. He began acting at the age of 19 where he landed roles in short student productions. 

In May 2018 he was cast as 'Mark' in Sam Brocklebank's 'The Piers'. From this he landed roles in two upcoming Ben Lingham productions 'A Brief Case' playing the role of 'Connor' and 'Mike' in 'No Traveller Returns'. 

Jonathan's most recent project with us was Pirate's Rock 2 The Souls of the Lost playing the comedy part of Pirate Plank

His next venture with City Theatre is taking on the part of Bull in Bow & Arrow; The Outlaws of Sherwood. 

Anna Chan


Anna joined us earlier this year playing Pirate Tiger in Pirates Rock and played the part of Ms Connor in Warnock. 

Anna has been acting for many years and the experience she brings to City Theatre productions has been impressive. 

Anna is also making a name for herself on the comedy circuit in Liverpool and performs in various venues around the city.

Anna recently took on the part of Pirate Tiger in Pirate's Rock 2 and will be playing Brutal in our next production Bow & Arrow: The Outlaws of Sherwood. 

Wiktoria Liszka 


Polish born performer Wiktoria has recently joined City Entertainment Group. 

Wiktoria is also a writer, singer, influencer to name just a few of her talents. 

Wiktoria's first production with us is Bow & Arrow: The Outlaws of Sherwood and will be playing the part of the very fiesty Sheriff Cage 'The Control Freak'. 

Keithy Steve


Steve played the part of Sir T. Lansdale for the musical Pirates Rock 

Since joining us he has added something different to the cast, which was important when he played the comedy role of Mr Norris Anderson in Warnock last July. 

Steve also performs in front of camera and has been part of many projects. 

Most recently Steve reprised the role of Sir T. Lansdale in Pirate's Rock 2 and also shared the duties of prompt for the show too. 


Eve Davies


Eve took on the part of the Governor in the play version of Warnock. A part even a seasoned actress would find challenging. 

This was her first role with us and it's safe to say Eve has caught the 'acting bug'.

Eve most recent project with us was Pirates Rock 2: The Souls of the Lost playing the feisty pirate C.J. Hudson. 

Eve will be taking on the part of the Governor once again, in the film version of Warnock in 2021.