Created in August 2018 our Rep Theatre Group proudly exists as an adult (18+) creative force that includes both drama students and individuals with no previous experience in the Performing Arts. We are here to commit together as supportive friends within the inclusive genres of Musical Theatre and Film. Rehearsals are fun and our shows  seek to entertain the audience, particularly for people who wouldn’t usually go to the theatre. We are aiming to explore the film side over the next year. 

Togetherness, Creative & Fun

When you join us our aim is to build confidence, empower and improve your abilities. We strive to promote teamwork in a safe and fun environment. We try to think outside the box when marketing our stage shows and use modern platforms to promote our work. We are all about being creative and most importantly have fun in the process. With an open spirit we are here to create new experiences. 


If you'd like to join us and be part of our exciting stage and film projects please contact us below. We endeavour to reply to you within 24 hours.  


Bow & Arrow The Outlaws of Sherwood is our brand new adult musical that will be both controversial and shocking at the same time. 

Bow Scar and Arrow Hunter are lazy, lack ambition and are more interested in the naughty side of life. Now living as Outlaws will fate change their lives for forever? 

With the Sheriff 'The Control Freak' Cage ruling Sherwood with an iron fist and is the leader of the Extreme Alliance. A powerful gang of baddies that scare and dominate the local people of Sherwood morning to dawn. Can they be stopped in this time of hardship? 

More than ever Sherwood need heros that will fight the fight and change the course of history forever. 

A comedy story with modern music that will entertain from start to finish. 


TO BUY TICKETS VISIT: eventbrite.co.uk/bowandarrow 


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